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Rivulets: Two Music Videos

It seems like we are asking for so much help these days, and actually yeah we are totally doing it, but hey when it helps our friends and beloved bands we just have to go for it, we just have to bother you (sorry about that).

First we were talking about the Blood Beach campaign and their awesome idea to make an exclusive 7” record and cassette compilation for their European tour (you dont know about that ?….whaaaat ?…is ok click here), and now we will ask you to please contribute to this really nice project.

Adam Barnick is a filmaker from new york that was touched by the magic and emotional music of Nathan Amudson (Rivulets) one day and now he have the best idea ever, he will return the favor trying to make not one but two videos for two Rivulets songs, but he cant do that alone…WE can make that happen…together.

Please read the whole story (a very nice one by the way) and help him with some presidents if you like the idea (c’mon you know you love the idea). 

Oh and if you are in Europe we have some great news for you. Nathan will be doing a solo tour during October all over Scandinavia, Germany, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy so stay tune or shoot us an email if you want him to play in your city.

kind regards my friends.