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Hey you guys.

Today we wake you up with some great news regarding the upcoming Blood Beach first european tour (hell yes!!). The band will release a special and amazing (also beautiful of course) 7” record just for their European future pals, and if you think thats good…hold on a sec we have even more good news for you dear tumblr fan:

If you support the cause the band will also give you a cassette compilation called “keep Portland normal” with a lot of great bands from their city, because hells to the no my friend you dont need a fucking t-shirt or a fucking pin to tell the world how weird you are, you dont need to take all those bands to Paris to inform the universe that you are…uggg…weird, anyway who the hell needs weird when you can be just AWESOME and a good friend helping them to spread the word about all these amazing portland bands included on that tape.

So check out this really informative video and go to their kickstarter campaign and if you love us, you have to love them, thats the deal.

And now that we are talking about Portland, we command you to listen to some of our favorite Portland bands (you will probably find a lot of them and many more in that exclusive Blood Beach curated cassette Compilation !!!).

We salute you and we love you intrepid pdx sonic voyagers….now dear reader repeat after me…these bands fucking rules….THESE BANDS FUCKING RULES….and you are welcome.

Big Black Cloud

Blood Beach




Hooded Hags

Hornet Leg


Nucular Aminals


Psychic Feline



The Woolen Men

We also love Zotz and Total Bros..and we think that Magic Johnson really have to play together again too….but…..they are not into that bandcamp shit dude, anyways do yourself a favor and try to listen to all of them for christ’s sake.